Learning about the Abbey

If the silhouette of our buildings is well known, fewer are those who understand the meaning of our monastic life and know of what consists our day. This virtual tour will allow you to know more about our daily life, our site and our spirituality.


Our Benedictine community was founded by monks from France who bought, in 1912, an agricultural property located on the west shore of Lake Memprhemagog.

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In Saint Benedict’s footsteps

Monastic life is a long path, and Saint Benedict ensures that our heart expands as we advance along it. We thus strive to follow the counsels he gave to us.

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Monastic Life

As Benedictine Monks, we find in the Rule of Saint Benedict a proven path to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Under the Abbot’s leadership, we seek God through prayer, work and fraternal life.

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Becoming a Monk

How do we know if we are called to monastic life? God uses a variety of ways to let us know His will.

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The Monastery

The Abbey has an exceptional site in the heart of the Eastern Townships. Its architecture was built slowly over time during the 20th century.

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