The apples from our orchards are used to produce hard cider, apple sauce and apple butter.

Our Ciders

Our annual cider mill production is approximately 12 000 bottles. We obtained a marketing permit in 1971, the fifth such permit given by the Government of Quebec.

Our ciders are produced by the traditional method  of a double fermentation process (champagne method) invented by the Benedictine French monk Dom Pérignon (1638–1715) from the Abbey of Hautvillers.

The first fermentation leads to the desired alcohol level, while the second fermentation generates the cider foam and internal pressure. All ciders are kept for a least two years in order that they mature properly.

Brut (7% alcohol)

Smooth and lively, the ABBEY BRUT CIDER reveals natural apple flavours. The refinement of its bubbles and its freshness make it the perfect drink to savour with appetizers, grilled meat and strong cheeses.

Brut (8% alcohol)

With an exquisite apple taste, the SAINT-BENOÎT BRUT CIDER has a delightful bouquet, a sparkling colour and a fresh playfulness. This smooth beverage pairs perfectly with blue cheese and transforms game, sausages and red meat into a gastronomic feast.

Half-dry (7% alcohol)

The ABBEY HALF-DRY CIDER is light, fresh and velvety. Round and full, its fine bubbles create a delicate and light taste. It is perfect to drink with poultry, ham and meals au gratin.

Half-dry (8% alcohol)

Velvety, crisp, clear and bubbly, the SAINT-BENOÎT HALF-DRY CIDER is loved by all who try it. Its sparkling golden colour, its delicate fruity flavours and its roundness come from a careful selection of apples from our orchards. It is the perfect drink with poultry, fish and sea food.

Kir abbatial

The KIR ABBATIAL is a light cider cocktail. Its delicate twilight pastel colour, its delicious bouquet and smooth velvety texture arise from the happy meeting of currants and apples. It can be enjoyed anytime as an aperitif or with desserts.

Othe items of interest


In the beginning, in 1943, the abbey cheese factory produced only one variety of blue cheese, l’Ermite. Our current product line consists of 12 distinct types of cheese.

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Guided Tours

The Abbey is located in the beautiful Lake Memphrémagog region. We offer visitors the opportunity to take a guided tour of the monastery.

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Gift Shop

Visitors can find a large selection of products crafted by our community (cheeses, fruit compotes and spreads, ciders), books, CDs and religious objects in our shop.

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